Simone Bendix


Simone Bendix, Creative Designer of Edition Poshette

I was raised in a book-lined world, surrounded by big readers who devoured every printed page they could get their hands on. I, however, an actress by birth, was devoted to more performative pastimes. “I’ll have time for reading when I’m old,” I told myself.

So I postponed the joy of reading “for pleasure” till my late 20s. Ever since, I’ve done my best to catch up.

When I moved to Paris, I decided I should at least do my very best to LOOK like an intellectual. As the French say, "Une femme qui lit est plus belle" (which I first mistranslated as “A woman who bed is more beautiful…")

I've always loved reading plays. It fascinates me how everything can be said between the lines, and how dialogue can become a playful way of putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Of course, interpretation is an altogether different matter…

I like a good descriptive passage now and then but a really good book to me is one that sparks my imagination — that takes me on a journey I couldn’t have taken on my own, and reminds me that what you do, and how you do it, matters more than anything, so I might as well live life to the best of my abilities.

This exhibition is the imagenary Journey of Edition Poshette , where did it start? what has it inspired? and where will it go? One Idea that travelled from its original form untill it reached the light and space it is now placed in.

1987 - Established 'Milla and Mone' with jewelry designer Camilla Dinesen, making one-off bags out of vintage fabric collections
1989-2003 - Commissioned to do one-off wedding purses — and dresses to go with them.
1998 - Began creating printed leather bags, belts, and vests, which led into the developing of Edition Poshette Purses.
2007- Exhibition 'Mon beau sapin' at La maison du Danemark
2007-2010 One off art installations for various clients.